The 5 Best Shooters of 2016

First person shooters bring to the fore the best eye hand coordination among players. There is the thrill of the chase and the danger of getting vaporized. Each game tries to bring something new to the table. Whether it is an awesome and much awaited reboot, or a new game engine, these games have something exciting to offer. Some have been eagerly awaited, and of those on the list have disappointed.The following are the 5 best FPS of 2016.

  1. Doom

 What did you expect? This has been a long awaited, and much anticipated reboot. It has the credibility, and the captive audience. Old-timers remember the thrill of the first Doom. Newbies want to see what all the fuss is about. The reboot of Doom did not disappoint. It lived up to expectations, and those were pretty high. The first Doom set a bar that changed the game, and this incarnation aimed to do the same. It has the gore, it has the fast-paced action, it has the hauntingly eerie theme, and it has the monsters to boot.

  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

 Standing on the premise of a world unlike our own only darker, seedier and has a lot more gun play, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, comes back for more. This is the continuation of the Deus Ex series, and in this round is more augmented, and there are a lot more things to see and find. What use is having more and better augmentations, if you can’t use them properly? To answer that, the game brought in more movements, and better hand-to-hand combat. Improved fighting is on the table. Take it any way you want it.


  1. Overwatch

 This may look like a toned down, anime-inspired game, but Overwatch does have a lot of characters, and they are all unique from one another. You can choose among 22 characters. Think about that, and then imagine the number of hours it takes to finish the game with just one character. Lots of fun, lots of colors, anime-like, tons of moves for plenty of characters. For hours of enjoyment, this is hard to beat.

  1. Shadow Warrior 2

 Imagine replaying a mission and the buildings are different every time. That would be difficult, to say the least. Now imagine that it’s not just the buildings that were randomized, but also the opponents, terrain and weather. The degree of difficulty just went through the roof. This is a distinct feature of Shadow Warrior 2. There is no way that you can automatically do better at a mission just because you had a do-over. It seems that this is the only FPS which does this. A very catchy premise.

  1. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

 Strictly speaking, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is both a multiplayer game (for up to 64 players) and a first person shooter. It has these two modes, and any way you choose, it brings out the awesomeness factor. You have a choice of which side to play, but ultimately, it is you pointing a gun at the enemy. The original Rising Storm won the Multiplayer Game of the Year Award in 2013. The sequel builds on the first and adds a whole lot more.